EZ Assets is a one-stop-shop for both new and seasoned real estate investors. Finding cash flowing properties should be easy and with EZ Assets, it now is.

When we started our real estate investing journeys, we had a goal of complete financial independence driven by cash-flowing properties with high returns and capital growth.

Our goal was to replace our salaries and have complete financial freedom.

We followed Robert Kiyosaki’s assets vs liability principle, which states that assets put money in your pocket while liabilities take away money. Novice investors need to prioritise finding properties with strong cash flow.

With no experience in real estate, but both of us having strong data collection backgrounds in software development, we started our property research. Quickly we began to realize just how much information needs to be collected for investors to make smart investments. Our professional backgrounds gave us an advantage and we were able to buy great cash flowing rental properties to build up our portfolios.

If you’re looking to invest in property, the question is, where do you know where to start? For someone who is just starting to consider investment, the level of research and risk is a considerable barrier. What do you need to consider? Where can you access information? How do you analyze the data? What makes a good investment?

With that in mind, we thought, how could we make property investment more accessible for more people? Well, by making the data collection and analysis automatic so buyers can easily find great investments in growing real estate markets.

EZ Assets software pulls reliable data from several public resources and collates it into an easy-to-use system. Users can input their investment requirements to find properties that suit their needs and have the property’s potential return automatically generated.

Our analysis allows our users to change any figures to suit their personal finances for a customized experience.

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